I kept trying to draw a very action-y Trickster!Heir but I am having trouble so here’s some backstory for the headfluff that showed up in my head after seeing amanda-the-human’s post.

My hand doesn’t want to draw today arrggghhhh

but here’s the au-inside-an-au:

Heir gets captured by the felt and is either injected with something or cloned I haven’t decided which. It works kind of a lot like Bane’s super-juice (the batman bad guy) and drives the subject bat-shit crazy. The Felt keeps him tied up because they can barely control him as-is and after a few in house tests they bait Hemogoblin into a meeting to test how the Trick Project fares against real heroes.

The candy-themed costume was Caliborn’s Idea. He’s the head of the Project.

I just… amanda this idea is amazing I can’t wait to see if others will pick up the idea and add to it as I continue to struggle with what I want to do with it omg thank you

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